A little about me...

Hello There!

My name is Zeek and I currently work in a corporate environment, with a startup culture, where I increasingly lead marketing projects, as business continues to shift to digital.

For this reason, I've gained experienced leading large teams, large projects, developing marketing campaigns, presenting complex campaigns to C-Level Execs, speaking at industry conferences on Advertising | Analytics | Social Media, writing tutorials for clients of TripInfo.com, repairing virus attacks to our ad servers and more. I was also recently selected as one of DMAI's Top 30 Under 30 marketing professionals worldwide.

I've been privileged to touch every aspect of digital marketing and as a result, could function in either a leadership role, operations, sales or support.


In a nutshell: 

I have experience in most aspects of digital marketing, with particular knowledge and strength in online advertising. More important than anything, I know how to learn, solve problems and help customers buy-in to big ideas.

Please visit this page to see what others have to say or download my resume here.

Look forward to hearing from you, 

Zeek Coleman | Interactive Marketing Pro